You deserve more for staying healthy

Active Individuals

For all your hard work & effort, why not choose an award winning provider who rewards you for taking good care of yourself. Love My Health are here for the good days as well as the bad.

We’ll help you understand your health with a Vitality Healthcheck* and give you savings and discounts on ways to improve your health.

As you use our health partner discounts to improve your health we give you Vitality points which contribute to your own Vitality status. The more Vitality points you have, the higher your Vitality status and, to help keep you motivated we give you rewards which can increase as you improve your Vitality status.


If you get ill, can’t work because of an illness or injury or die, we’ll give you or your family a payment to make things easier. But we don’t just help you when things go wrong. We help you make the most of every day too. We give you more options to choose from, so you can protect the things that mean most to you – from your children’s education to your family business.

You can even choose different options as you go through life and your priorities change. We pay out in different ways, from cash lump sums to monthly payments, so you get the right kind of support at the right time.

And because our Serious Illness Cover is the most comprehensive you can buy, you’re more likely to get a payment from us than you are from other insurers.