Rewarding and motivating you and your staff

Help promote presenteeism and reduce absenteeism with our reward partners and GP Video and referral service. Specialising in businesses from 2 to 250 people.

Get something in return for your premiums for you and your team and boost your staff fitness and energy.

We are the only insurer that rewards you for staying active and being healthy. Take out a Business Protection Plan and as well as having the best insurance on the market, you and your staff can earn some exciting, big, money-saving rewards.

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SME employee benefit package

A ready-made employee benefits package, offering your employees incentives to help keep them healthy, engaged and productive.Get discounts on your premiums that get bigger the more active and healthy your employees are.

Business Protection can include Relevant Life Cover, Key Person Cover, Shareholder or Partner Protection or Loan Protection.


Your business will receive severity based payments to help keep your business running if you are too ill to work.

Exclusive member benefits & rewards